Positive  incorporation  of  major road  works.

  • Confrontation  of  the disruption  of urban tissue and natural passages.
  • Prevention of new  linear  trans-local center  development
  • Incorporation  of  intersections in the  urban  tissue.
  • Safe  accessibility  to activity units  of adjacent areas
  • Prevention of  new  movements, especially of heavy vehicles.
  • Protection from noise pollution
  • Planned incorporation of subway  stations  and  transfer  stations.


Positive  incorporation  of projects and interventions  for the Olympic Games 2004.

  • Incorporation  of works, projects and interventions  for the Olympic Games in a compatible way, with regard to the functions  of the urban area covered by the 21  Municipalities.
  • Linkage of public spaces in the wider area  and the communal areas  of the Olympic Stadium.
  • Linkage of works realized for the Olympic Games with the green passages in the area.
  • Upgrade of  public spaces along Marathon Course and promotion of its cultural nature.
  • Positive functional connection to peripheral works of Athens Greater Area Master Plan.
  • Connection of the Metropolitan Park in Goudi with adjacent urban areas and Hymettus.
  • Protection of connection axis with the Olympic Village in  Thracomacedones.