Reinforcement of  economic  prosperity and employment

  • Operation of Local Authorities in the form  of network for the promotion of  development interventions foe the SMEs.
  • Promotion of  complementarities  between  infrastructures and functions.
  • Promotion of  synergy with National and Community networks of employment agreements/training/know-how.

Promotion of social welfare and urban safety policies.

  • Common planning  for social  and health policies between the 21 Municipalities
  • Equality and social incorporation
  • Prevention in the field of urban criminality


Promotion of  common  policies  in cultural, sports and leisure activities

  • Operation in form of a network  for qualitative  and quantitative enlargement of possibilities and interventions
  • Promotion of voluntary participation in collective interventions
  • Support of “citizens society” principles.
  • Promotion of   complementarities